A new year is about to begin. A year where new trend stories will find their origin and other trend stories will get to a new chapter. In 2017 we keep repeating the idea of a new start of a new world, but everytime we start on the first page our future story is a little bit more altered to reality. Eggs are everywhere, they are a symbol of birth and new life. Representing the need for new. Therfore the egg shape will be be very visible in new designs. Our wish to connect with others has never been so profound, yet we seem more unable to bond in real life. Empathy is the most reliable currency in 2017, because it will keep our world sane and our businesses relevant “empathy quotient”. When we travel we look for abandoned places that are preferably a little rough around the edges. Aqua vintage and Aqua Punk will gain our interest, everything related to water will become trendy as well as scary. For The Future Will Tell, next year is all about sex, since we are working really hard to finish and launch our book about the future of sex.

Just some notes about random trends that will be part of 2017. Of course so much more future stories are to be told. I’ll keep you posted, but for now: best wishes to you and your loved ones.